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We have always made a clear distinction between Investment and Savings which is why you will find there are separate pages on our website for both of them.

Savings are Cash Deposits providing interest which are primarily driven by who is offering the best interest rate at a given point in time - whilst they do need reviewing to ensure that they are offering competitive rates, they are not volatile in terms of capital values. They tend to give you a safe home for your money but are rarely able to give you a return above inflation.

Investments on the other hand require much more consideration, research and ongoing care and advice.

We firmly believe that there is no point investing your money and then forgetting about it, hoping it will look after itself. This is where both initial and ongoing professional advice is vital - after all, the sole purpose of investing in the first place is to obtain a return over and above interest rates in order to inflation-proof your capital.

Investment markets can be volatile and are forever changing. Regular monitoring is the only answer to keeping your investment portfolio in line with those changes.

John Head Finance, Independent Financial Adviser - Calm Waters

Our Premiere Client Process

Step 1: We gather together details of your personal financial circumstances your requirements and your aims.

Step 2: We establish your Attitude to Investment Risk by asking you to complete a short Questionnaire - we have 10 different risk categories ranging from Very Defensive through Cautious and Balanced to Aggressive.

Step 3: We consider your Income Tax position in recommending particular products for tax efficiency - not forgetting that we also often have to consider your Inheritance Tax position at the same time.

Step 4: Having chosen the most efficient tax-wrappers for your money, we then use our experience and research facilities to tailor your investment portfolio to match your attitude to investment risk. This is a large part of the process which you see very little of as we present you with the recommended investment portfolio for you personally.

We have seen over the years that one of the best protectors of capital is to avoid
putting all of your eggs in one basket

Take a look at our Guide to Diversification, (PDF, 240 kB)

Step 5: We provide you with a Personal Recommendation Report which you have the opportunity to consider in your own time...we leave it to you to come back to us to discuss the recommendations when you are ready.

Step 6: It is only when you are satisfied that our recommendations are right for you that we make the arrangements to put your investment portfolio in place.

Step 7: Having placed the investments, we then look to provide the ongoing service which your money deserves.

John Head Finance, Independent Financial Adviser - Stormy Waters
John Head Finance, IFA, Teignmouth - We Aim To Be With You, Providing Ongoing Advice When Markets Are Stormy

Monitoring and judicial changes to your investments are even more vital in these times

We have to add the caveat that the price of units and the income from them can fall as well as rise and there are no guarantees as to future returns when it comes to Stockmarket based investment. Past performance is not necessarily a guide for the future and some Funds can carry currency risk as well as Stockmarket risk. Having said that, the particular products, which we recommend for you, are chosen in the light of many years of experience and the consistency shown by the Fund Managers themselves in the past.