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About Us

John Head Finance was formed on 14 September 1987 by the existing Partners and over the years has strived to provide a highly personal, professional service to all of its clients.

Our prime aims are to show all clients that they are appreciated and respected and to give them access to totally impartial, Independent Financial Advice.

We look to treat all of our clients fairly in all dealings and never lose sight of the fact that it is the clients that employ us and no-one else. This is enhanced by our firm stance to never be tied to just one or even a limited range of product providers - we always search the whole of the market available to us when seeking out the best product for you personally.

A glance at the navigation menu on the left hand side will give you an idea of the range of services available - using that menu will take you to some useful information on the specific products and services.

John Head Finance, Independent Financial Adviser - If It Has Anything To Do With Money We Can Give You Help and Guidance.

How do I know you are allowed and qualified to give advice?

The regulator of the financial services industry is The Financial Conduct Authority - you can check that we are authorised and regulated and what products we are authorised to give advice on by visiting the FCA website. Our firm's registration number is 126113.

What does it cost?

Your first meeting with us is free - we absorb the cost of that meeting as it is only by talking with you that we can establish your needs and how we can help.

We currently offer the option of a fee or commission based advice service but The Financial Services Authority has declared that, with effect from 1 January 2013, all advisers must work on a fee basis only.

In truth many products have always come with an initial or establishment charge which primarily exists to provide for the payment of commission - from 2013 that will still apply but the intention is to make our income source a definite Customer Agreed Remuneration with an explicit and visible charge.

At our first meeting we shall provide you with details of our competitive fee structure - many of these fees can be structured into the products that we recommend to you.

John Head Finance, Independent Financial Adviser - The Den, Teignmouth

How do I arrange a meeting?

You can Contact Us to leave us a message or even ask for clarification. Alternatively you can telephone to arrange that first "no obligation" meeting on 01626 779002.

How do I find you?

Our offices are situated in Teignmouth town centre, close to the main car park. For more precise directions we recommend using Google Maps.

John Head Finance, Teignmouth, Devon